Paul Jaisini

Paul Jaisini is an artist and an occasional photographer. His invisible paintings are spectacularly ahead of our time.

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Blue Reincarnation Narcissus Oil painting by Jaisini by Ellen Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

In the myth of Narcissus a youth gazes into the pool. As the story goes, Narcissus came to the spring or the pool and when his form was seen by him in the water, he drowned among the water-nymphs because he desired to make love to his own image.
Maybe the new Narcissus, as in “Blue Reincarnation,” is destined to survive
Narcissus is destined to survive by simply changing his role from a passive man to an aggressive woman and so on. To this can be added that, eventually, a man creates a woman whom he loves out of himself or a woman creates a man and loves her own image but in the male form. B raises the problem of conflating ideal actual and the issue of the feminine manhood and masculine femininity. B creates a remarkable and complex psychopathology of the lost, the desired, and the imagined. Instead of the self, Narcissus loves and becomes a heterogeneous sublimation of the self.The...

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An Artist and Two Rats – Tale for children

There lived an artist. He was looking funny in appearance. His hands were often soiled with paints and on the tip of his nose there was a black spot from a chalk which he used to draw his sketches. The artist was very forgetful. He could forget to eat lunch. He could forget to go to sleep when it’s dark and everyone is asleep. He could forget a lot of things. In addition to his forgetfulness he also had a strange quality to be thinking and not to hear when he is spoken to, not being deaf. Simply he always thought about a new picture and therefore could not always answer to a raised question. But people assumed that he was deaf in fact and they started to talk to him louder. And this was very funny. The artist lived at a large studio with enormous windows under the very roof of five story building. Sometimes he walked up the stairs to the dark and mysterious attic. The attic allured him...

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Stefan: I am the gleitzeitgeist

Wolfgang: I still don’t understand what “Gleitzeit” has to do with
a missionary issue. This word is used only in regard to working times
in a company and means that employees can choose a certain frame when
they want to work.

Mike: After reviewing the essay on Paul Jaisini’s painting
I’ve come to a clear understanding of Gleitzeit. It is the immanence of consciousness in the apparently coincidental combination of details
within the material manifestation

I am the “Drunken Santa”

Marcus: I have found some of the points laid with the ideas
of Gleitzeit interesting the theory of circular evolution of sight and seeing.

Stefan: With visual art we’re obviously dealing with a different
language than our verbal one.That’s what’s nice about visual art.

groucho1: To be a narcissus is...

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Gleitzeit Interactive VIII

Generation Invisible:
Postmodernism attacks and destroys authenticity. There’s no reality, no time, and no subject, or project. Therefore same as in art so in social the identity is in crisis of not forming, never being born in the post-modern conditions. Instead of the identity there is a system, a simulacrum in the multiplicity of multimedia that has no content, shallow and empty.
Modern art is based on a failed philosophy of creating a utopia.
The Paul Jaisini art is the supermodern that resolves a problem of conflicting and incompatible concepts of beautiful, just and objective.
Paul Jaisini finally resolved what separated art movements by the principles
of Modern from Classicism and Post-modernism.

Mandar: it is not very easy to imagine the painting simply by description.
As they say. An image speaks more than a 1000 words.

Puck: all artists, even if...

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I am the full time chief editor of an imaginary magazine.
I found your works transparent.

Yustas weaves an intricate lace, the paradoxical dialogue about mystery of Paul Jaisini through the many voices of real people. They express many opposing opinions interested and intrigued with the elusive artist who is considered by the art establishment to be the most original artist of our times.

Paul Jaisini, indeed surpassed many with his unique vision of the new art of New Millennium in most captivating adventure as we search to uncover the mystery of invisible art.

Are these articles pranks? Someone asked.

The other responds: An invisible painting may not be anything, but it could be the way you look at things.

Is this an imagined painting, brought forth from the words?

Is there really an artist by the name of Paul Jaisini, or did you just
make him up through your writing?


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Gleitzeit Interactive VI

February 12, 2001
Alejandra: I join the list of those who are intrigues by your message.
I am a 21-year old woman and I find your description of desire turned into
art very alluring. I have read about the ways human beings use to sublimate
their deepest desires, and the sexual-romantic desire is the most powerful one;
it plays with our ability to dream and it also asks the trick question: are we
prepared to confront our desires when they become a reality? After all, like
Oscar Wilde once said, one the tragedies in life is to get what you want.

Re: Drunken Santa oil painting by Paul Jaisini.
What this work adds is more properly eschatological in nature.
The work contains veiled prophecies of a future champion who will
rid the Church of its materialism and the political forces within
society that disfigure and threaten to destroy it (etc)

Kauffman in response...

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Gleitzeit Interactive V

Myrna writes that email with subject re: Blue Reincarnation Narcissus oil
painting by Paul Jaisini is “unofficial” message.

Congratulations on your success. You are holding the attention of your readers by referring skillfully to something they never see.
The wonders of human curiosity.
The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. Plutarch
I am afraid that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and that we have
more curiosity than understanding. We grasp at everything, but catch nothing except wind.
Michel de Montaigne
Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we
can talk about it. Blaise Pascal

In reference to Jaisini Manifesto Gleitzeit Ken: Is there a purpose to this!

GIGroup NYC 2013:
Purpose of art Art has had a great number of different functions throughout its history,
making its purpose difficult to...

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July 21, 2003
Who the hell is Paul Jaisini, and where the hell is any of his art,
and do you think we are all just stupid *f*c*ks?
— jolly roger
Answers Who the hell is Jolly Roger?

July 22, 2003.
I thought I would post this here in the debate forum because ….
now why do you think I posted this here?
I just received this in my mail box. I know how I reacted and
will post my thoughts, (errrr, they say my thoughts are going
to posted soon?) but I did not want to influence anyone with my
paint prior to them choosing paint for themselves.
This is the e-mail ————- You are contacted because your
comments were published or are going to be published at

in regards to 911 (911 Oil painting by Paul Jaisini)
Tikinose writes:
Wonder if there is someone out there trying to paint your descriptions now…

How big is the...

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Gleitzeit Interactive II

“i was just enjoying cyber space so i thought i would email you this.”
Writes Bettie in response to Marble Lady essay.

Katherine asked: “Is this painting for sale?”
She wanted to see the painting and asked for a photograph to be emailed to her.
In an email of the same date Dan also asked: “Where can I view something
online that comes close to what you’ve described?”

Paul Jaisini Invisible Painting: …essay “Marble Lady” on Paul Jaisini’s oil painting with the same title was distributed in frequency of 500-1000 a day
I think that your reviews have an intrinsic artistic value. For this reason,
I have sent you an invitation to join the abstract art collaborative - as an original artist (your artworks are the reviews of IMHO purely imaginary images). Yustas has distributed his review all over the place and since it seems to be of value, it has not been removed. google...

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In his art, Jaisini insists on overcoming of the dehumanization and the suppression of sensuality.
In every historical period there are ideas and problems that are expressed but will not come to pass.
Paul Jaisini seeks to identify this idea in the present, excavate it from the past, and invent it in a new way for the future.
In the murky, anxious world of ours, in the midst of the soul’s confusions and multiplying moral losses, the artist seeks and always finds some big and small islands of eternal truths, and asserts the indestructible age-long parables that reveal these truths in the new light, in his own system of sign- images.
I realized that the more you look at “Gleitzeit” works and think, the more you see, feel, and understand—but never completely, as the works always have too many aspects for anyone to fully comprehend. There is always...

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