Gleitzeit Interactive II  

“i was just enjoying cyber space so i thought i would email you this.”
Writes Bettie in response to Marble Lady essay.

Katherine asked: “Is this painting for sale?”
She wanted to see the painting and asked for a photograph to be emailed to her.
In an email of the same date Dan also asked: “Where can I view something
online that comes close to what you’ve described?”

Paul Jaisini Invisible Painting: …essay “Marble Lady” on Paul Jaisini’s oil painting with the same title was distributed in frequency of 500-1000 a day
I think that your reviews have an intrinsic artistic value. For this reason,
I have sent you an invitation to join the abstract art collaborative - as an original artist (your artworks are the reviews of IMHO purely imaginary images). Yustas has distributed his review all over the place and since it seems to be of value, it has not been removed. google returns millions of hits as it seems. I will keep it here to entertain you.

YOU: I wonder if you realize that telling I write a description of non-existing paintings is a real compliment to me.

As my invitation to join the abstract art may prove to you:
It is a compliment. YOU (I quote)— I would never possess such an imagination and if I would then I was a self-promoter for sure. Oh - but you are a self-promoter. I would call sending 500 or more essays a day promotion. And that promotion reflects
to you as well as to Paul Jaisini.

YOU: Daniel, would the material evidence of those paintings existence convince you.
Yes, it would. YOU: I just can’t believe you were serious of thinking I wrote about imaginary pictures.
Mussorgsky wrote music about “pictures at an exhibition” which allows to get
an idea of the images without actually viewing it.
It is always interesting to see how imagination can be used to actually see
a thing which is not subject to visual perception.
Your reviews do the same - and there was no other information on Paul Jaisini

“The pen names are another example of the universality of the theory of
invisibility in artistic expression. After all, before they were created,
they did not exist. And, even if your friend was to select one,
the remainder will swiftly be lost from view and, hence, return to the limitless void.”

1999 #interactive
That’s mighty damned fascinating. Sounds like a truly interesting painting,
but it’s kinda easy to sell something like that to someone, with no picture.
Just a little hint there, give me an address if you really want me to see
it that bad. If you send an attachment, I won’t even look at it as I don’t have
half a clue as to who you are. Come to think of it, who the fuck are you?
But, anyhow, you have a cool last name. Ta ta fer now.

“Human condition could be defined by reaction to anything artistic.
People never saw the paintings and took the controversy vigorously and readily.
There are several types of responses while each response is unique showing
endless reactions, personal characters of people in the way they respond. EYKG”

Paul Jaisini is probably you, Yustas. Isn’t it?
Brilliant work about Paul Jaisini, anyway, simply a classic.
But, I would also very much like to read the book/novel you wrote.
I would be deeply touched and honored if you could write
a short comment about my artworks.

an online communication dated 1999
I just got forwarded the following manifesto from a friend at Prague Post.
Did you write it? If so do you have full version? I’m a painter; might
be interested in using it, or quotes from it, for a catalogue I’m putting together.
This is what I received: Paul Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity…

Got 6 emails tonight from Yustas that are re: Jaisini Manifesto?????????
Am afraid to open. Any advice? I know that I could just delete…but… curiosity
has killed more than the cat, right? Like, hard drives, maybe????

They responded that they were spreading “art word” on the Internet, and that they’re in the midst of creating a web-site.
Tracey writes: Yustas, you owe me a couple of bucks for sending six unsolicited pieces of junk mail…

Where can I see Blue Reincarnation for myself?

to P. Jaisini: I’ve run across people like you in my degrees taking days …
you call yourselves conceptual artists. I’d call you another kind of artist
especially when you disregard the form and expression of what has gone before in order to spotlight yourself. One of the whole points of the interactive is to work TOGETHER in a unified voice and form on the work.
When you showboat you disrupt the form, and render the piece useless, to say nothing of arousing the ire and disgust of your fellow poets. -nijo


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