Gleitzeit Interactive VIII

Generation Invisible:
Postmodernism attacks and destroys authenticity. There’s no reality, no time, and no subject, or project. Therefore same as in art so in social the identity is in crisis of not forming, never being born in the post-modern conditions. Instead of the identity there is a system, a simulacrum in the multiplicity of multimedia that has no content, shallow and empty.
Modern art is based on a failed philosophy of creating a utopia.
The Paul Jaisini art is the supermodern that resolves a problem of conflicting and incompatible concepts of beautiful, just and objective.
Paul Jaisini finally resolved what separated art movements by the principles
of Modern from Classicism and Post-modernism.

Mandar: it is not very easy to imagine the painting simply by description.
As they say. An image speaks more than a 1000 words.

Puck: all artists, even if unaware of it, create through the presence of experience - either, personal or observed. To have a different perspective does not necessitate that perspective being nonexistent.

July 16, 2003
Mathew: As an artist and a writer, both of which I have done professionally,
it is VERY hard for me to “get meaning” or “derive an absolute truth” from art
(or even writing for that matter). Once something gets ‘artsy’ I tend to loose interest.

Thanks for the art deconstruction. While I may not agree with few of
the elements of it I found it really interesting. If you have any more of
these please send them to me. I enjoyed reading this, it made me want to
look at the painting but feel I already had…

circa 2010
Paul Jaisini: Art is not what it is - its what its not.
Art - just a word. Great art its like a hypnotism, that stays with u forever. Nothing personal. Just take it from me - the artist who overcame Visual Art.
Invisible seems …

Is the disfunctionality of the site intentional? I would add that
in my estimation, bringing high aesthetics to people must be an
unrewarding task, even as a noble one. People don’t really care much
for aesthetics or any other word of three syllables. They prefer to
be brainwashed by the easy and instant solutions the television provides.
Aesthetics, like religion is in a state of decline. They have been
replaced by the aforementioned television and by drugs (most notably
opiates, psychotropics and anti-depressants). I think one can infer from
this that the soul of humanity is in decline, because everyone knows
that they have no control over the machinations of their leaders anymore
and will seek any way to escape their conclusions. It is also a way to
escape what they can’t understand.

Paul Jaisini: Contemporary craftsmakers aka artists don’t know how to
do fine art, but “super-intellectuals” and “moneybagss” do know how to
do virgin brains. I call it - art of witchcraft.

Paul Jaisini:
hahaha! Re Modernist is out of control. Why he is quoting my 15 years
old interview? Now I see it as amateurish point of view, but the overall
idea still can be… Thank you Re Modernist for creating such a party with my quote (where did u get it?)

Aldis Browne: I was so moved, so deeply touched by the lyricism of your perceptions of Hot Dog Party that I searched the web to find others of your eloquent reviews.
So far I have located your Manifesto - Marble Lady - Blue Reincarnation -
Wet Dream - Freedom of Thought - Talk Show - and a review of an untitled Jaisini prison painting. I am reminded of on early exhibition of conceptual art
hosted by the - Freedman?- Feldman? - gallery at, say, 17 West 57th Street
in the late 60’s. The exhibition was launched with extensive press
kits detailing the biographies of the 6 or 8 participating artists,
packed with glossy 8x10 prints and transparencies, and launched with a
substantial advertising campaign. In fact a number of reviews were written
by critics of art magazines and neighborhood newspapers, most raves, a few
mixed, one or two negative. When no advertising bills were paid it was, as
I recall, first the NY Times who called only to get a recording that there
was no such working number, sent someone from the business office to collect - at which time it was found that there were no such artists, no Freedman or Feldman Gallery, in fact no 17 West 57th St. I have not been impressed by much conceptual art since then, until Paul Jaisini. Thank you for bringing his remarkable talents and perceptions to my attention.

Tara: that she can almost see the painting “Blue Reincarnation (Narcissus)

webmaster with numbers of the “hits” ie: each time a page is accessed
it’s counted. Total hits on the Blue Review (he means Blue Reincarnation, Narcissus) average between (number) an issue.

August 07, 2003
Wanna: Oddly enough, I do subscribe to “Penis Power Quarterly.” I used to
get “Respect the Cock” Monthly, Nowadays I only get it when they print the
bi-annual “Tame the Cunt” special edition.

August 24, 2003
Bob: So far. All the writing about invisible art is like a self parody.
Good for a chuckle, but as serious as a one-liner.
Is Paul Jaisini book copyrighted?

Dr. Arnold: This is first time I come across “Gleitzeit”, and I can’t
really figure out what it is. If it is German - what it seems to be - it means “sliding time”, but even this translation doesn’t help me understand it.

Michael John: The essay about Paul Jaisini’s “Blue Reincarnation”
is rather obtuse, in light of the fact that you didn’t also send a copy
of the aforesaid image. I must therefore regard the essay as the work and
not the “Blue Reincarnation”.

Your repeated comments about Narcissus and narcissism are very interesting. I admit that I am a narcissist, I love myself, my physical reflection and my works, which are another reflection of me.

comment #

August 07. 2003
Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb: Let’s say that art is better then weapons and if artists
were allowed to create maybe even Hitler wouldn’t be the maniac and just
exhibit his works. But when artists are ostracized it could get ugly. Possibly
that is why there is a postmodern art that is an open statement on how much
artists hate society.
I like commercial art if it’s good. Some commercials on television are
more creative then Broadway shows for tourists that denounce theatre.
I know a New York writer who has to work as a laborer moving furniture
to earn a living writing for newspapers.
Social change would also contribute to what is considered as valuable in arts
thus what is paid for with a lot of money would turn into the classic art.
Postindustrial society is not going to be changed into paradise any time soon.
I have many of my personal conclusions and thoughts in a novel that at the
same time could be deemed commercial having murder, sex and futurism.
The art book about Paul Jaisini is art for art’s sake therefore I have to
publish it probably not as a writer but as a publishing house so it seems.
Thank you for your contribution to the dialogue.


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