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They are all non-existent paintings and have a lot to do with imagination.
The style of writing IS the art form. The character of people is the canvas.
Many people come to you looking for the answer to your art form.
Not many people understand the ideas presented are to achieve greater
understanding of human nature.

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I enjoyed reading this, it made me want to look at the painting but feel
I already had…

Very intriguing, are you just sharing this description, of a picture which we
cannot see,for Mankind’s general advancement, or just my own? Either way please
gives me some more, you are very insightful!

**Editor’s note: This file has an interesting story. Apparently, this guy,
Mr. Kotz-Gottlieb (“Gottlieb” meaning ‘God-love’ in German), has been
mass-spamming art websites, guestbooks, e-mails, and newsgroups with his
attempt to spread the word of fine art to the masses. And it is with
great pleasure that aNAda was sent one of his letters, and it is with even
more pleasure for us to post it here today. Yes.

This Web site, from Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb, is a discussion of book he wrote on
art of Paul Jaisini.The page includes commentary on Jaisini’s various works,
including Marble Lady.

Allanah Miles the singer wrote:
“Thank you for your verbose gift-book of stories about this profoundly
layered artist, or most certainly, his deliberated works which unwitnessed,
are as meaningless as any experience that cannot be felt., seen, heard or understood.”

Richard Lee Fulgham
“Invisible praise” Yustas has the trickster genius of an Andy Warhol and the nerve
of a Tse Tse fly. He laughs but he bites too. I wish I knew him — he’s the
on top nonartist of todayland. Funny thing, though — I already have several
invisible paintings hanging on my wall. I gaze at them for hours and hours.
Paul Jasini done ‘em perhaps, eh Yustas? Anyway, you get four stars for genius from me.
Astonishing and extraordinary approach to this absurd word — and I am the philosopher
of the absurd now that Camus is worm food.“

James writes: “I become more curios about Jaisini after re-reading your
work and decided to search the Internet to see what I came up with…”

Another email contains Chuck’s questions about the artwork’s titles:
"What was this artist thinking when he did this work, why did he name
it Hot Dog Party? Where did the inspiration come from?”


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