July 21, 2003
Who the hell is Paul Jaisini, and where the hell is any of his art,
and do you think we are all just stupid *f*c*ks?
— jolly roger
Answers Who the hell is Jolly Roger?

July 22, 2003.
I thought I would post this here in the debate forum because ….
now why do you think I posted this here?
I just received this in my mail box. I know how I reacted and
will post my thoughts, (errrr, they say my thoughts are going
to posted soon?) but I did not want to influence anyone with my
paint prior to them choosing paint for themselves.
This is the e-mail ————- You are contacted because your
comments were published or are going to be published at

in regards to 911 (911 Oil painting by Paul Jaisini)
Tikinose writes:
Wonder if there is someone out there trying to paint your descriptions now…

How big is the Jaisini movement in art? Is it a small current, or does
it define the total aspects of an age? My question is how does the Jaisini
movement differ from modernism or another form of modernism attempting to be anti-post modern?

March 24, 2000
I too have received this more than once— both times
I think he got the address from the e-zine list.

4/25/00 Erin writes in response to the “Blue Reincarnation”
that she would be much better prepared to comment had she seen the painting.
She lives in a small town and have limited access to the Arts and culture.
She also have limited access to a computer. “Because I hadn’t seen the painting,
I was puzzled as to how I would respond…”

4/24/00 Jane writes that Yustas insites her desire to see these works and
asks where she could see some online.

February 01, 2001:
I checked this out. Evidently this guy mails out this same message
500 times a day, to promo this book he wrote. Also, I think there
is no artist at all, you can’t find his paintings, you can only find his
site, which has a header that reads something about “the painting of
Paul Jaisini are said to be invisible”… Man, Yoko Ono’s exhibits are better.
No Art at all, just a book. Rip off.

February 01, 2001
“Your explanation intrigues me. Please tell me more.
If I understand your short description of this art-style,
then the artist begins the line of expression and understanding
of his or her work by the action of painting the work.
Then each patron of art who views the completed work then adds
to this suggestion of understanding so it sort of evolves and becomes,
in effect, a work in itself? Or is this flowing expression about
the work a continuation of that work itself? Where can I learn more
and I would be interested in seeing some examples or where can I get your book?”

“When people write on a personal level they try to seem interesting,
try to impress. When I don’t respond personally but with auto responses
they slowly start to realize that there is no ground for possible
personal level of acquaintance. The conclusion is that to
most people creativity has a lot to do with search for personal fulfillment. EYKG”


Now read this


60 I am the full time chief editor of an imaginary magazine. I found your works transparent. 61 Yustas weaves an intricate lace, the paradoxical dialogue about mystery of Paul Jaisini through the many voices of real people. They express... Continue →